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Partnership for change! Through strong partnerships with our affiliates, donations and resources from our supporters are able to reach more communities in need, creating a greater global impact by sharing resources wisely.

Program Goals

STUF aims to form charity alliances with NGO and NPO affiliates to build a NGO network to share resources and expand the scope of charity impact through this network. Our goal is to assemble a coalition of non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations to build a better and more beautiful living environment for the global community, provide assistance to affiliate organizations, and help the general public and communities worldwide coordinate charitable efforts to make a greater impact. Please click here for the Affiliate Program Guideline.


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Affiliate organizations have priority when applying for grants with STUF United Fund. In addition, STUF affiliate network can effectively promote the organizations in different venues, bringing the organizations to national and international levels. We welcome non-profit organizations around the world that support charity relief, education and culture, environmental protection, and public health to join the affiliate program. The organization must be a legally and validly registered non-profit organization.

We are dedicated to promoting and supporting charitable causes in the fields of disaster relief, culture and education, public health, and environmental protection.